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The Gold Rush of Internet Marketing Businesses

Is the Internet-marketing business fool’s gold or real gold?

The Internet is indeed still an uncharted territory where unlimited opportunities lie awaiting to be discovered. However, when it comes to being successful and profitable, the Internet as a medium is no different than that of any other business today. Commerce in cyberspace requires just as much work as it does on land.

Today, Internet marketing seems to be a hot topic everywhere. There is a lot of hype about Internet marketing and how to make fast and easy money through Internet marketing; but very little of it holds true because Internet marketing businesses, alike regular Brick-and-mortar businesses,require hard work, proper marketing and sales, operations and financing.

Internet marketing may sound like just one facet of a business on the web; however, in reality, it is a business in and of itself–it is not just one task called marketing; it is a marketing business. So if one’s intention is to just emphasis on Internet marketing, there has to be a goal as how to make money by just marketing. This is where it gets tricky. If the intention is to just rank high on search engines and generate a lot of traffic to your or someone else’s website, you have to clearly define the target audience (target market) and perhaps few segments within the target audience that you are after. Once you have clearly defined your target audience and the products or services that you are going to sell, you need to do your due diligence and find the right keywords that your target audience is perceived to be using to find you. Then, of course, you need to do a lot of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) work to rank high on search engines so your target audience can find your website. And last, but not the least, you have to convert your visitors into customers by using quality landing pages on your website–this hold true even if you are generating leads for other businesses. All of this may sound very easy, but in reality, it not so.

In a nutshell, to be successful at Internet marketing you need to:

1- Define your target audience and the products or services that you want to sell

2- Find keywords that are relevant to your product or service or are currently used by your target audience to find similar products and services

3- A lot of SEO work to rank high on search engines

4- Create good landing pages so you can convert your visitors to customers

All four of these tasks require a lot of work, resources and money. Therefore, I disagree with the notion that Internet-Marketing is a get-reach-quick job and that anyone is able to do it successfully. I don’t believe it’s wise for anyone to jump in and make an investment in an Internet-marketing business without conducting proper due diligence–digging in and gaining a better understanding of what you are getting into. You may find yourself spending a lot of money and time before you see any return on your investment, if any. However, whoever sells you your Internet-marketing dream, package makes money right away. Why is that? Well he has or she has done the following:

1- Defined the target audience (I would say at least three segments): segment one, ordinary hard-working people who are experiencing financial hardship and are in need of income; segment two, people w are looking to make quick and easy money; and segment three, people who genuinely like to run a web-based business.

2- Are using the right keyword (keywords depend on which segment you are after): any combination of words that include keywords like Internet-marketing, Internet-business, home-based business, work-from-home, get-reach-fast, make-easy-money, and make-money-on-the-web. I am sure there are a lot more keywords than what I am mentioning here.

3- Have definitely done a lot of SEO work to show up on top of web search results for several of the keywords

4- And created excellent landing page that usually have phrases like: purchase this product and make an easy $5000 per month with no effort from the comfort of your home

The problem lies in the fact that in any new business arena that a good number of businesses have done very well in, there is bound to be a lot of unrealistic exuberance among those that want to enter the arena. And, of course, unrealistic exuberance attracts lot of unscrupulous characters with the sole intention of taking advantage of the exuberant consumer. So it would be wise to check out the product, the business and get some references-do your due diligence and remember that if it sound too good to be true, it is most likely not true.


In conclusions, there is no doubt that if conducted properly, Internet marketing has a lot of potential. However, like I mentioned earlier, an Internet-marketing business requires a lot of work, knowhow and resources. Therefore, if you have the knowledge and resources, with a little hard work, Internet-marketing can be a lucrative business. On the other hand, it is by no means an easy task or a way to make quick and easy money. Internet marketing is business like any other with keen competitions and a lot of requirements.

How to Market Your Network Marketing Business

One of the crucial factors in success of any business is the ability to market your business. This is especially true of a network marketing business where marketing is the core nature of the business. When it comes to marketing your business, you can take either of the two approaches or even choose to divide your efforts between the two methods.

Traditional Method: This is the method that has been used by millions of owners of network marketing businesses to promote their business. This includes following steps:

o Creating a database of your contacts: This means preparing a list of virtually all of your family, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors and other acquaintances. Since these are the people you know, you have a reason to believe that they will either buy from you or become your down-liners.
o Call your contacts and market your business: Once your list is ready, you start calling each one of them and invite them to participate in a conference about your network marketing business. After the conference, you follow-up by calling them again.
o Purchase leads or Cold-calling: Once you have exhausted your database, you may ask your up-liner for advice. Your up-liner is likely to recommend that you buy leads or start making cold-calls to unknown people to promote your network marketing business.
o House-meetings and Free Samples: By this time, if you have not achieved success your mentor may say that you use traditional methods like organizing regular house meetings or distributing free samples of your products.
o Outdoor marketing: You may be advised by other knowledgeable friends in the network marketing business to resort to outdoor marketing methods, which include distributing flyers and literature in public places, and distributing business cards.
o Network marketing training: If you are still looking for customers for your business, the company and the top-liners may suggest that you are in need of an mlm training session in a distant city being organized by your network company.

New-Age Method: Traditional method has achieved a lot of success in past decades. However, changes in society have made most of these methods obsolete and anyone resorting to only this method is likely to achieve moderate success in a network marketing business. New-age methods which increase the chances of your success exponentially are:

o Stop Chasing Everyone: The first rule of new-age method of promoting your business is to stop chasing everyone indiscriminately and especially, stop harassing your friends. You may not get business and you may lose your friends too. This is also one of the reasons why people get put-off by network marketing.
o Market Yourself: People like to be associated with a person who is a pleasant personality, who is a leader and who they perceive will help them be successful. People do not care much about the products and company. They are more interested in the person. So instead of promoting your network marketing company and its products aggressively, market yourself as a person who can help fulfill your customer’s dreams.

o Use Technology to promote your business: The internet is one of the most-effective tools for your network marketing business. All successful network marketers fully understand the potential of internet and leverage it to their benefit by:
a) Creating a content rich website that helps solves various issues and subtly promotes the product.
b) Using Email and auto-responders as a main tool for communicating as well as following up with your potential customers.
c) Using articles, blogs, forums, advertising and search engine optimization techniques to reach out to their clients.
d) Using social networking websites to connect with customers as well as network marketers.
e) Using the internet to keep you updated on the latest in network marketing businesses to keep ahead of competition.